Grace Pizza & Shakes

What makes a pizza, the best pizza?

You do.

Meet Adrian


The very first Grace Pizza was born in 1990, when founder, Adrian Hembree, as a 16 year old, crafted his first homemade pizza for his family in Spring, Texas. Adrian learned, that everyone had their own idea of the “perfect pizza.” Each person wanted something different. As he grew up, and went on to travel the world, open restaurants and explore great pizza, this notion never left him.

While Adrian eventually discovered how to craft world-class pizza that everyone loved, he knew something integral was missing in his life. He had experienced everything the world had to offer. It wasn’t until his life hit rock bottom, and he faced losing everything, that he discovered Grace. That is, the love and Grace of God, for him, personally.

Two decades and several successful restaurants later, Grace is the story of Hembree’s mission and values expressed through the art of food, leadership, and serving others: Extending Grace to the community, one slice of pizza (or one fun shake) at a time.

Today, Grace Pizza and Shakes is using top-shelf ingredients and world class ovens to help you design the perfect pizza for yourself (salad, or an over the top, unforgettable ice cream shake) made exactly the way you like it. Come see us in downtown Alvin, Texas.

Meet VJ


VJ Nandlal met Adrian Hembree through the love of food and service. Through several service initiatives at Grazia Pearland, VJ and Adrian became instant family. They learned that food, a love for people, and serving others brings people together. In 2016 VJ had a near tragic accident after falling asleep behind the wheel. He asked God to take over his life, and since surrendering to God, he has had “nothing but blessings.” He now lives to be an example for others.

VJ always knew he wanted to own a restaurant, but didn’t come from a restaurant background. Earning a Finance degree from Louisiana State University, and receiving his MBA from HBU, VJ and Adrian knew they were a great match, and could do great things together.

Under Adrian’s guidance VJ quickly learned the ins and outs of pizza. VJ can be found touching tables and interacting with guests, just look for the biggest smile in the room. VJ is always available for a handshake, a hug, or to offer a helping hand. Ask him about his story of finding his way back to Grace.

The old proverb says, “to each, his own.” We take that to heart at Grace.

Grace is always, exactly what you want.

Grace Pizza and Shakes


One thing we know about food is that it brings people together. Our grace extends beyond our kitchen and our doors. We are local folks just like the people we proudly serve in our restaurants and our neighborhoods.

— Adrian & Gina Hembree, Grazia Founders